The Conservatory

After School Pick Up & Out-of-School Respite Care

Learning to play an instrument takes patience, persistence, and focus — the same qualities students need to excel in school and in their future careers. Our research-based curriculum is developed to maximize the cognitive benefits of music education, including improved reading skills and the ability to focus in a noisy classroom. 


The after-school program offers children, ages 5 - 12, the opportunity to work one-on-one with our skilled counselors. We use a tailored study plan in which they complete homework and effectively study for a test before the various performing arts activities. (music, dance, theater, etc.) 


The program is designed to expand the child's knowledge of instruments, genres & musical styles and to extend training once interest is focused.

Out-of-School Respite Care is a full-day program that allows students to come whenever school is not open to them.  Students are assisted and guided through their Remote-Learning Activities.

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