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The Nest Music Conservatory is a Non-Profit organization providing music education to youths in the Bronx through out-of-school programs. 

Our organization is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that contributes to the social and emotional growth of students, their families, and our communities through classes, events, and concert series. 

The conservatory’s curriculum was developed by a team of experts and, strives to foster a sense of empowerment, enhance students’ focus and memory,  and help develop life skills through the love and practice of music. 

We encourage & support confidence, patience, ingenuity, determination, and critical thinking through fun, universal, and exciting music education.


 Our instructors carry more than just a Ph.D. or Masters in music, they possess a passion that is carried on through their lessons and imprinted on the music of their students. We keep students involved in the learning process and develop an appreciation for the sounds they create. 

Kenya M.

Is an experienced musician and early-childcare professional. Born and raised in the Bronx, she has been personally affected by the lack of music education in the Public School Systems. In an effort to change the status quo, she co-founded The Nest Music Conservatory. In addition to her role in the organization, Ms.Kenya coordinates several programs geared to introduce our youth to music.

These are the happy smiling faces of the founders of Nest Music Conservatory

Lucy A

 Is currently studying to become a behavior analysis specialist.  She received a Dual Masters in General and Special Education at New York University in 2014.  Ms. Lucy currently maintains and oversees the financial department of the Nest Music Conservatory organization.

These are the happy smiling faces of the founders of Nest Music Conservatory

Alice D

Is a versatile musician and artist. She received her bachelor's of music in 2010 from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. Since her graduation, she has accumulated a wide range of experience which includes business and nonprofit management. Ms. Alice is also involved in a number of musical ensembles and recording projects for various artists and organizations in the tri-state area.

These are the happy smiling faces of the founders of Nest Music Conservatory