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Frequently asked questions

Program Details

What are the programs requirements?

We require state or federal Identification for parent to enroll child, a fully completed Nest Application/Contract, medical form completed by the child’s doctor and program payment.

What is the minimum age to enroll?

The minimum age is 3 years, or the child must be enrolled in Universal Pre-Kindergarten.

What's a typical daily schedule of the after-school program?

Students will be met promptly when they are released from school by a Nest Representative. From the school they will either walk or ride back to the Nest. On the way their academic liasion will complete an initial check in about their day. Upon arrival back to the Nest, all students will immediately be given a brief health check and wash their hands. Students will be provided a snack as they enter the classroom. After their snack student will complete their homework with the help of our liasons and tutors all while going over their day at school in more depth. Once all homework is completed, students will take part in music lessons, karaoke, dance, or art. Fridays are fun days when students will not complete their homework. Monday to Wednesday we provide finger foods, pasta on Thursdays and pizza on Fridays.

How can I make arrangements to visit the conservatory?

Please contact Ms. Kenya or Ms. Lucy by email or phone to schedule a visit to the conservatory.

How many children are in each class?

Our classes are capped at 10 students per session. We can host up to 5 sessions per full day.

When do you accept new student applications?

The Nest currently accepts year-round, rolling admissions for all programs. Different programs may only be availabe during specific times throughout the year.

Can parents visit during program hours?

Parents with children enrolled in the program may stop by for early pickups but are required to stay in the lobby and may not enter the main program space. Parents who have scheduled volunteer time with program admministration are permitted to enter the program area. All Parents are required to follow facility protocol and procedures during their visit.

Safety and Security

What is your severe weather procedure/policy?

Typically, in cases of severe weather Nest Music will have early pick up effective immediately. If the local public schools are closed due to inclement weather, then The Nest will also be closed.

What is your sick student policy?

If a student develops illness with the parent (fever or other contagious illness) they may not attend Nest Music until the illness subsides or they have a doctor's note with a return to school/program date. If a staff member suspects a student is diplaying syptoms of a contagious illness while attending the program or upon pick up from school, the parent will be contacted to pick up the child immediately from Nest Music. Examples of illness and symptoms: Fever of 100 or over, colds with cough and/or runny nose, severe cold or flu, contagious illness like coxsocke, conjunctivitis, ringworm, any leaking or running of bodily fluids from eye, nose, ears or mouth. Knowledge of exposure to Coronavirus will result in an immediate send home.

Are staff members CPR Certified?

All staff members are CPR trained and re-certified regularly along with first aid training.

What security procedures are in place at the Center?

The center is equippped with video surveillance of the door and intercom systems, as well as directly outside of the center. Every person who enters the building can be identified through our camera systems. All doors are secured with alarms to notify staff when they are opened. In case of a structural emergency or fire, the center has 3 separate egress routes.

Do students have to wear masks inside?

All students, staff, and parents will be required to wear masks while inside the center at all times. During snack times, students will be allowed to remove their masks in small groups only to eat their snacks.