The Conservatory After School Pick

Playing an instrument requires patience, persistence, and focus – the same qualities students need to excel in school and their future careers. Our research-based curriculum maximizes numerous cognitive benefits of music education (the ability to focus in a noisy classroom, for instance).

The After-School Program offers 5-12-year-old children the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with our skilled counselors. We use a tailored study plan in which they do homework and effectively study for a test before the performing arts activities (music, dance, theater, etc.) The After-School Program expands children’s knowledge of playing instruments, musical genres & styles and extends the training once the specific interest is recognized.

Students taking part in the After-School Program are automatically enrolled in the Academic Liaison Program.

The After-School Program has been extended to include coding and business lessons to sharpen young minds with financial literacy and problem-solving. Coding is an ever-growing career that benefits those fluent in the language and data structure. Less than 5% of African Americans hold these occupations, yet entry-level pay 100,000 annually. If your child starts learning to code now, they'll be code experts by age.